F-35 Vs. Su-75 Checkmate: Who Wants To Buy Russia’s New Stealth Fighter?

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The Su-75 Checkmate, a fifth-generation stealthy fighter plane, is touted as being cheaper than the F-35 Lightning II. The Su-75 comes in at an estimated $30 million, while the F-35 can be had for around $80 million.

The Russians believe that countries with mid-tier, but growing air forces, such as the United Arab Emirates, India, and Vietnam will want to purchase it. So, Russia has taken the Sukhoi Checkmate on a roadshow starting with the UAE’s Dubai air exhibit taking place this week. This is the first time the Su-75 has been outside of Russia.

But is the F-35 better for allies to purchase compared to the Su-75, which has no known customers?

What We Know About the Checkmate

The Su-75 looks bigger than what was expected. The stealth Checkmate is supposed to be a light tactical aircraft, but perhaps it could be seen as a medium-size airplane.

The Checkmate has a single engine with plenty of power. The Saturn AL-41 engine produces 24,000 pounds of thrust without afterburner and 39,000 pounds with afterburner – resulting in MACH 1.8 speed continuously. The engine can push out a range of at least 1,700 miles with a ceiling of 40,000 feet or higher. The engine could also be the fifth-generation Izdeliye 30, which has similar features.

Stealth characteristics include internal weapons bays, a hybrid wing body, a V-shaped tail, and an improved jet engine air intake with lighter mechanical systems.

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