Will Quad stand-up to dragon breathing fire from Indo-Pacific to Ladakh?

By Hindustan Times

The condescending statement issued by PLA’s Western Theatre Command spokesperson after the unproductive 13th round of senior military commanders meeting on Sunday to de-escalate situation in East Ladakh is reflective of the overall Chinese belligerence towards its perceived adversaries with dragon breathing fire from Indo-Pacific to Ladakh.

The PLA statement called Indian proposals for de-escalation as “unreasonable and unrealistic” and preached to Indian Army that they should be satisfied with what has been achieved till now without getting more militarily ambitious. Essentially, it means that the PLA is in no mood to normalise the situation along the 1597-km Ladakh LAC as it asks the Indian Army to honour the same bilateral border agreements that the Chinese army itself forgot by unilaterally executing the May 2020 transgressions in Galwan, Pangong Tso, Gogra and Hot Springs.

The PLA statement is in line with its Central Military Commission Chairman Xi Jinping’s aggressive statements to take over democratic Taiwan in the name of reunification. From Chinese national day on October 1 to Taiwan national day on October 10, the PLA air force tested Taipei’s beleaguered defence by flying more than 56 fighters and nuclear capable bombers on a single day to brow-beat the democratic tiny Island nation.

Although Chinese belligerence is often a combined function of its domestic and international situation, the unusual aggression from Beijing comes after AUKUS pact on September 15 which allows Australia to get nuclear submarines from US and UK, the Quad summit on September 24 and the high intensity naval exercises between Quad partners and between US-UK navies in the Indo-Pacific

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