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View: Why Indian Army should adopt 5g cellular technology

When we look back, we find that Wars have been fought ever since the idea of tribes was born. It has graduated from tribal wars to States fighting and nations going to war. Arrows, lances, swords, machetes gave way to rifles and later to guns, tanks, artillery, rockets, and nuclear bombs as the weapons of war. Two devastating World Wars have been fought causing immense miseries to Human race.

In future wars, even space will emerge as a region of conflict. The nature of conflict and shape of the global geopolitical landscape is being permanently changed with the advent and experimental advances in digital technology. Some technologies have been truly disruptive, changing the very course of war. In today’s Information Age, a countless number of military innovations are being developed that seek to take advantage of the digital revolution.

However, the single innovation that will truly reshape the modern battlefield in our lifetime is one that nearly every citizen exploits for every conceivable requirement—the portable smartphone.

What have we endeavoured to usher in Cellular Technology?
Whilst the militaries across the world have exploited cellular technologies in some recognizable measure, the Indian Armed Forces have generally been found wanting to derive true operational dividends of this disruptive way of communicating. Indian Army took the head start and established a 2G CDMA based Mobile Cellular Communication Network (MCCS), South of the Pir Panjal, in 2007 which was subsequently followed by another advanced 3G CDMA network in the Kashmir Valley in 2016.

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