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UK Carrier Strike Group led by HMS Queen Elizabeth enters Bay of Bengal

The UK’s Carrier Strike Group led by its largest warship HMS Queen Elizabeth sailed into the Bay of Bengal on Friday for the second such voyage in the last three months, in a powerful demonstration of the growing strategic partnership between the two countries. The British High Commission in India said the Carrier Strike Group (CSG) will take part in the “most demanding exercise” ever between the UK and India, incorporating elements from all three military services.

HMS Queen Elizabeth and its strike task group had carried out a mega wargame with a number of Indian warships and submarines in the Bay of Bengal in July that featured a range of complex drills.

“The deployment is a powerful demonstration of the UK’s commitment to deepening its diplomatic, economic and security-based ties in the Indo-Pacific region. India is essential in ensuring a free, open, inclusive and prosperous Indo-Pacific,” the High Commission said in a statement. A carrier battle group or carrier strike group is a mega naval fleet comprising an aircraft carrier, accompanied by a large number of destroyers, frigates and other ships.

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