Second part of Exercise Malabar to see US Navy’s most potent warship USS Carl Vinson

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Days after the meeting between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the US President Joe Biden in the White House, the US Navy has decided to involve USS Carl Vinson, one of the world’s largest and most potent warships, in the second part of Exercise Malabar to be held in the Bay of Bengal in a few days.

The Carl Vinson, a 100,000-tonne super-carrier with nearly a hundred fighter aircraft and helicopters and the accompanying battle-group will take part along with warships of the Indian, Japanese and Australian navies.

This is the second segment of Exercise Malabar, coming after the earlier one in Guam. While Quad is pointedly not a military alliance, all four countries are participating in Malabar this time. There have been discussions about involving the Royal Navy in Malabar this time as its aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth is nearby, but a final decision has not been taken. If Britain joins, the exercise will be renamed Marine Patrol. What has been decided is an exercise involving the Royal Navy and the Indian Navy in the Arabian Sea after Malabar.

The presence of a supercarrier is clear evidence of the importance of the exercise. It comes as China has been complaining about the Quad. The Carl Vinson has played an important role in the fight against terrorism: it is from the deck of this warship that the remains of Osama bin Laden were buried at sea

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