Sasmos to supply parts for upgradation of Indian Army battle tanks

By Deccan herald

Sasmos, a Bengaluru-based manufacturer of wiring harnesses and electronic systems for the aerospace and defence industry, has bagged a contract for the upgradation of Indian battle tanks and armoured recovery vehicles after outbidding several MNCs.

Under this contract, it will be supplying tank electronics including electrical control systems to a defence public sector undertaking (PSU) which will in turn upgrade and supply the battle tanks, including T72 and T90, to the Indian Army. “The upgraded systems will provide upgraded life and longevity in a cost-effective manner,” said Chandrashekar HG, the founder and managing director of Sasmos.

As part of these upgrades, Sasmos will be developing more than 1,200 parts for each control system, which were until now being sourced from Russia.

The upgraded indigenous control system will replace imports resulting in foreign exchange savings of about 40-50 per cent of the total cost.

”This is an area where we did a really good job in terms of completely stopping the imports and established 72 per cent of local components, which has given us full-scale benefits,” Chandrashekhar added.

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