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Nation’s Long Term Vision Of Self Reliance In Defence Sector

Jawahar Lal Nehru, the first president of free India, had a strong belief in the concept of self-reliance. He devoted his efforts and public presence to motivate and educate people about the importance of the economic upliftment of a country based on scientific and technological development.

According to him, scientific temper can frame India’s future, and it can strengthen the roots to achieve the ultimate goal of self-reliance in India.

The framework and implementation of essential policies rich culture, heritage, geography, and size have been the major positive points about the economy on a global stage. India has begun its journey on an international platform as an independent economy with its vision and leadership.

The beginning of an era that leads to non-alignment. “There were speculation and concerns discussed internationally back then about the capability of the Indian economy and the response of the economy towards the international pressure.” The primary aim of the Indian Defence Policy was to self develop and be able to stand out in various departments like development, national security and industrialization.

Self-reliance allows an economy to take necessary help from the international market, which is not seen in the case of self-sufficient. The more progressive way to development is by becoming self-reliant rather than staying in the disbelief of being able to stand out with rigid ways of self-sufficiency. Liberalization allowed Indian industries to flourish and achieve beyond measures. The growth opportunity increased, and the shell created before 1991 got uncovered with the first initial steps to globalization. Indian defence economy was trapped under the load of acting as a self-sufficient economy.

As soon as the same was removed, the true potential of industrialization was observed by other economies globally. This article will highlight the significant milestones seen by the Indian economy during the transformation period. The rich history and flourishing post-globalization of the Indian defence economy will be summarised. With the conclusion, the reader will draw a clear picture of the Indian economy in a wholesome.

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