Indian Navy to build, operate a mix of nuclear, conventional submarine fleet

By ET News

Against the backdrop of Australian decision to scrap a USD 90 billion deal with France to build conventional diesel-electric submarines and opt for building nuclear boats only, a senior government official on Monday said the Indian Navy will operate a mix of both nuclear and conventional submarines to deal with the threats around the country.

“For Australia, the threat is more in the open oceans and the areas around that area. The decision to scrap a conventional submarine deal makes sense for them. While for us, the need is to tackle threats both near our coastal areas as well as open seas. That is why the Indian Navy would build a fleet which would include both nuclear as well as conventional submarines,” a senior government official told ANI.

The official was commenting on the ongoing debate on whether India and other navies should follow suit and go for building only nuclear submarines as they are more capable and stealthier than conventional submarines.

Notably, after scrapping the deal, Australia has joined hands with the Americans who would now help Canberra build nuclear attack submarines to tackle the main threat from the Chinese Navy.

For a country like India, having a mix of both types of submarines makes more sense economically as well as the cost of operating and building nuclear attack submarines is more than double of building conventional diesel-electric submarines, according to the official.

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