India slams Pakistan for raising Kashmir issue at U.N., calls it world’s biggest destabilising force

By The Hindu

Strongly hitting out at Pakistan for again raking up the Kashmir issue at the U.N., India has said a constructive contribution cannot be expected from a country that has an established practice of hosting terrorists and is the “epicentre” of global terrorism, and the biggest destabilising force in the world.

Counsellor in India’s Permanent Mission to the U.N., A. Amarnath, said on October 4 that India does not need advice from a nation with a proven track record of illicit export of nuclear material and technology.

“Pakistan’s desperate attempts to peddle falsehoods and habit of abusing the sanctity of multilateral forums deserves our collective contempt,” he said.

“Pakistan has made a number of futile and unsubstantiated allegations against India, including in relation to the Union Territories of Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh. These do not merit a response, as they pertain to matters internal to India,” Mr. Amarnath said.

India exercised its Right of Reply after Pakistan’s envoy to the U.N. Munir Akram raked up the issue of Jammu and Kashmir during the meeting of the General Assembly’s First Committee that deals with disarmament and international security issues.

Mr. Amarnath reiterated that the entire union territory of Jammu and Kashmir was, is and will always be an integral and inalienable part of India.

“This includes the areas that are under the illegal occupation of Pakistan. We call upon Pakistan to immediately vacate all areas under its illegal occupation,” he said in the Right of Reply.

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