India-China standoff: Talks collapse! Here’s what went wrong

By Financial Express

India and China during the recently concluded 13th round of Corps Commander level talks were hoping to conclude an agreement on Hot Springs, which is one of the last friction points.

This friction point — Hot Springs is located in the Chang Chenmo river valley, close to Kongka La which is a pass marking the Line of Actual Control (LAC). Hot Springs which is to the Southeast of Galwan Valley is the area where clashes between the militaries of both countries had taken place in 2020.

China is not keen on pulling back its platoon sized unit from Hot Springs. This means that the situation is not going to normalize anytime soon.

According to reports, the Chinese PLA has traditionally had a major base east of Kongka La, which lies to the west of China’s G219 highway connecting Tibet and Xinjiang – which are the two most sensitive provinces.

The responsibility of the border in Ladakh was handed over to the Indian Army following an incident at Kongka La. On October 10, 1959, just before the 1962 Indo-China war, the Chinese side detained three members of the Indian police patrol team at Kongka La. The next day a team of 20 personnel which was led by a Deputy Superintendent of Police set out to find the three members who had not returned.

More about the incident
Nine members of the search party were killed and the rest were arrested by the Chinese side. The Chinese side had treated them very harshly.

What had happened?
As 16 out of the 20 personnel moved towards the Chang Chenmo River, they were attacked by the Chinese troops with hand grenades, rifles, and mortars.

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