Handling China’s rise largely a bilateral matter: Jaishankar

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Negotiating China’s rise in the world was largely a bilateral matter, External Affairs Minister (EAM) S. Jaishankar said on Friday, in the context of Quad countries’ handling of China’s ascent. The Minister was responding to a question from former U.S. Ambassador to India, Frank Wisner, with whom he was in a discussion organised by the U.S. India Strategic Partnership Forum, an advocacy group.

“On your question of how do we deal with the rise of China, I would say: In many ways, those are bilateral choices that all of us have to make. We each have a very substantial relationship with China, “ he said.

“And in many ways, China being today, such a big player and so salient in the international economy, I think it’s natural that these relationships are quite unique,” Mr Jaishankar said, adding that countries — he named Quad members, France and Indonesia as examples — would have unique problems and opportunities around the issue.

‘Natural evolution’

The Minister said it was important to normalise conversations such as the Quad and that it did not imply a ganging up but a “natural evolution of the international order.” The Quad was for things and not against someone, he said in response to a question on why China was not mentioned by him in his earlier comments on the Quad.

“We are for peaceful resolution of disputes, we are for democratic values, we are for territorial integrity of states.

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