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China’s hypersonic missile test not surprising, keeping it a secret is. India awaits details

China’s test of a nuclear-capable hypersonic missile, which circled the globe before speeding toward its target, has taken the global strategic community by surprise, not just due to the experiment itself but also the fact that it was kept a secret for two months. On Sunday, The Financial Times cited five unnamed people familiar with the test to report that the Chinese military launched a rocket in August that carried a hypersonic glide vehicle, which flew through low-orbit space before cruising down towards its target.

While the test came as a shocker to the world, especially the US intelligence, the Indian defence establishment is not alarmed. Sources in the establishment told ThePrint that it was well known that China was working on such a missile technology. They added that China’s experiment, which missed its target by “about two dozen miles”, according to the FT report, just goes to show that the country will master the technology in the coming years. “The test itself is not a surprise. It is a known fact that the Chinese were working on it. What’s surprising is that it remained secret till now. One will have to wait for more details on this,” said a source.

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