Can Taliban’s takeover in Afghanistan impact the situation in J&K?

By moneycontrol

As the clock struck 12 on the night of August 30, the last C-17 cargo aircraft carrying US forces took off from the Kabul international airport, ending America’s longest war in Afghanistan.

Hours later the al-Qaeda, militant group that allegedly masterminded the 9/11 attacks on the US congratulated the Taliban, and called for the “liberation” of Kashmir, Somalia, Yemen, and other “Islamic lands”. The statement opened a new debate in New Delhi and Kashmir: would the Taliban takeover impact militancy in Jammu & Kashmir?

Days after the al-Qaeda issued the statement on September 9, Home Minister Amit Shah reviewed the security situation in J&K. Shah according to reports asked top officials of the security establishment about the security concerns arising out of developments in Afghanistan.

Talk of the town in Kashmir

Taliban 2.0 has sparked apprehensions about a possible spillover into Kashmir. Security agencies suspect that Pakistan may leverage its influence over the Taliban and take advantage of Afghan territory, where the US no longer holds sway, and redirect some of the resources under its control to shore up militancy in Kashmir.

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