A ‘red sky’ in Kashmir

By Financial Express

In our childhood, elders used to say that the sky turns red whenever someone is murdered and we believed it. Since murder was a rare thing those days, so, when the sky did turn red, we would associate it to a killing somewhere far-far away from where we lived.

However, if we were to tell our children about the ‘red-sky’ phenomenon as our parents had told us, they wouldn’t believe it. Not because they are more aware, but simply because if this was indeed true, then wouldn’t the skies over Kashmir Valley have been perpetually coloured in various hues of red for the last three decades?

Talking about the last three decades, the less said, the better. During this period, while the people of Kashmir have undergone humongous sufferings, militancy has permanently ‘maimed’ if not actually ‘murdered’ our social values and pluralistic culture. Consequently, the highest respect for human values and peaceful coexistence, which was at the heart of Kashmiri culture, seems to have become extinct or overwhelmed by arrogance and deceit. Today, while the skies over Kashmir may or may not turn red when innocents are murdered, its soil may well be gradually turning red due to unabated blood shedding.

The Quran clearly states that there’s no compulsion in religion and that “murdering an innocent person is equivalent to killing the entire human race”. Whenever Prophet Mohmmad (PBUH) sent his men to conquer any area

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