A formidable competitor of the F-35, but what makes Saab Gripen lose in sales?

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According to The EurAsian Times, the Gripen is one of the few major multi-role fighter jets marketed worldwide over the course of the last decade. It often competes with the US’ F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the Eurofighter Typhoon, and the French Rafale jets in global fighter jet deals.

Saab Gripen fighter

The Gripen is a small, versatile, single-engine fighter aircraft powered by a Volvo-Flygmotor RM12 engine. Gripen is the result of a joint development project by Aerotech Telub, Ericsson Microwave Systems, Saab Military Aircraft and Volvo Aero Corporation.

The Saab JAS-39 Gripen meets the needs of countries looking for affordable, low-maintenance yet powerful fighters. It is a fourth-generation fighter, originally developed in the 1980s to serve as a relatively cheaper, easy-to-maintain aircraft capable of tackle down any potential attackers and Meteor AAM make its more dangerous. JAS-39 Gripen is the major industrial business project in the history of the Nordic country.

This multirole fighter is widely used by the Swedish Air Force and other countries. Contrary to popular belief, a lot of Gripen’s technology (like the engine) was actually outsourced to reduce costs. Over time, the original Gripen A and B versions gave way to much-improved C and D versions.

The E/F variants add greater range and payload capacity and features like modern avionics. The aircraft is equipped with a new British-built Selex Raven ES-05 active electronically scanned array radar to replace the older PS-05/A radar

JAS-39E Latest variant

The JAS-39E variant is an upgraded version of the Gripen, equipped with a more powerful General Electric F414 engine. The redesigned fuselage allows for more than 40% fuel savings.

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