Will the Su-75 fighter be used by Russia, or only for export?

By Defence View

Some defense experts believe that the development of the Su-75 Checkmate fighter is mainly for export to foreign countries. According to the information, the UAE is the investor in the project and may become the first customer.

The Su-75 Checkmate fighter is hoped by Russia to inherit the success of the MiG-29 in the export market. However, the MiG-29 is a medium-sized twin-engine fighter; design characteristics are completely different from the criteria of the Su-75.

Since the 1970s, the leaders of the Soviet Air Force have clearly shown a preference for twin-engine fighters. And for almost 50 years, the Soviet Union/Russia did not develop a single-engine fighter to enter their service.

After the dissolution of the Soviet Union, the MiG aircraft company also modified the MiG-29 to the single engine MiG-33, along with the same avionics as that of the MiG-29. However, this design failed, when there were no customers. The Russian Air Force did not buy MiG-33 because the number of MiG-29s in stock from the Soviet era was too much.

But with the Su-75 single-engine fighter version probably different, experts say, Russia will probably buy this new fighter, because this will be a low-cost option. The Su-75 will join the Su-57 to become a pair of heavy-light fighters, operating in the style of far-near, high-low. And when bought a lot, the price of Su-75 will also decrease even more.

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