‘Too early’: Russian envoy to India on recognising Taliban as Afghanistan govt

By Hindustan Times

Russian envoy to India, Nikolay Kudashev on Monday said that recognition of Islamist insurgents Taliban as the new government of Afghanistan is “too early to say” and that the situation is the war-torn country hasn’t “come as a surprise” to Russia.

“Recognition (of government in Afghanistan) is too early to say. Is any government or any governing structure officially available in Kabul now? Not yet. It is admitted by Afghans themselves. After decades of war, it hasn’t come as a surprise to us,” Kudashev told news agency ANI.

He said that when it comes to the motives related to Afghanistan, Moscow’s position is “very close” to that of New Delhi with both Russia and India wanting an Afghan-owned government.

“What the two of us need in Afghanistan is security, predictability, inclusive government, which will satisfy the needs of the Afghan people. Afghan-owned and Afghan built government. That’s the basics of the Indian position (which is) very close to us,” Kudashev noted.

Addressing the growing worry that Afghanistan will once again become a safe haven for global terrorism, the Russian envoy expressed his concerns. “Whether we are concerned with the promise of the resurrection of terrorism? Yes, we are, same as you do,” he said, adding that the countries can give their best to “prevent the situation in and around Afghanistan.”

Speaking about Pakistan-backed terrorism in Afghanistan, Kudashev said, “Let’s offer solutions better, more promising and more attractive than terrorists do.”

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