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Today’s challenges are transboundary in nature; Foreign Policy should be multi-aligned: Syed Akbaruddin

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Many issues that the United Nations is dealing with are not limited to geographic locations, they are impinging on others and they are not confined to political elites. Each of the issues has an impact on the lives of ordinary people.

Therefore, what diplomats do has gained in salience compared to what was the situation previously. Former Permanent Representative of India to the UN Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin discusses with Huma Siddiqui various issues ranging from importance of UNSC, situation in Afghanistan, Peacekeeping, and his recent book.

Following are excerpts:

How important is the UN Security Council and General Assembly in the present times?

Today’s challenges are transboundary in nature. No one state however big or powerful is able to address these challenges by itself. For instance, in the security sphere, there is the concern about terrorism. In the health sphere there is a concern about the pandemic and how to bring it under control.

If you look at the environment, the concern is about climate change. And if you look at technologies, the concern is about emerging technologies and what will be their impact on societies and on states. So if you look at each of these big items, which are now visible globally, and are impinging and impacting everybody’s lives, you will realize they are all transboundary in nature.

In the global bodies the agenda itself has changed.

Now, if that is so, what are the platforms to address this?

Of course the United Nations is one platform, which is inclusive, which is open and everybody who has a stake participates.

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