To corner India, China’s ‘expansionist virus’ active in Nepal

By Sunday Guardian live

The Himalayan nation of Nepal, which is considered a buffer zone between two Asian giants India and China, had in recent times become a hot belt of illegal activities by Chinese nationals and its establishment to create disturbance and manufacture fault lines not only in Nepal, but also in India with a larger strategic objective.

The law enforcement agencies of Nepal are arresting many Chinese who visit the Himalayan kingdom allegedly under the garb of tourists and indulge in numerous illegal activities like trading counterfeit notes, human trafficking, cyber crimes and smuggling of wildlife parts from India.

Many well informed Nepalese believe that their temporary motive is to morally corrupt Nepal and the larger strategic plot is to take the Himalayan nation under its full influence as many Chinese propaganda mechanisms claim Nepal as a part of the larger Tibet region.

The adventure of China to colonize Nepal dates back to 1930 when Mao Zedong, supreme leader of China, controversially claimed in his text, The Chinese Revolution and the Communist Party, that “the correct boundaries of China would include Nepal, Bhutan and Burma”; he also coined the five fingers of Tibet policy in which he claimed that along with Tibet, which is China’s palm, Nepal, Ladakh, Sikkim, Bhutan and Arunachal Pradesh are its five fingers.

The other motive behind these recent activities is to corner India, which had shared friendly ties with Nepal since ages. The role of former Nepalese Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli is also under question as it was his government which had decided to waive visa fees to Chinese which led to the increase in their movement and subsequently led to the rise in illegal activities in the country.

Nepal government’s Department of Immigration (DoI) has deported 1,468 Chinese nationals living in Nepal illegally in the last seven years.

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