The Algerian Connect – India upgrades its relationship with the African nation

By Financial express

Amidst the regional developments in West Asia and fast evolving situation in Afghanistan the world attention only veered in that direction. However, North Africa kept driving on with various rather difficult situations.

Tunisia – the fountain of Arab Spring 1.0 saw the dissolution of the government and Parliament by President Kais Saied assuming all powers and even threatening to draft a new constitution. The ground situation remains delicate and disenchanting for the ordinary people whose plight continues to worsen.

Libya continues to struggle for some normalcy and is struggling hard with the possibility of general elections in December that might lead to a political transition and hopefully better days ahead. But suffering of the people has not only been predicated on the whims of politicians and ex-military leaders but also on the unbridled sway of powerful militias, mercenaries and non-State actors who are well embedded in the designs of nearly all international and regional powers- whose lip sympathy surely destabilises the Libyan hopes even more.

Algeria – the largest country in Africa by area, got afflicted by the second wave of the Arab Spring when nearly two years ago the disenchanted Algerians took to the street and eventually deposed the ailing strong man Bouteflika ignominiously, who succumbed to his illness only yesterday.

In 2001, he was the Chief Guest at the Indian Republic Day celebrations , which is a distinct honour to a more than friendly nation. Some semblance of political stability and democratic transition is enroute in this North African country which gallantly fought against the extremist and terrorist groups and ideologies and has even suffered from those coming in from the porous borders from Libya. It does play a significant regional role in the Maghreb.

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