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Taliban regime should be made to address global concerns

By ET News

Security concerns emanating from Afghanistan have taken centre stage after the formation of an interim government by the Taliban on September 7.

The world is grappling with the fact that four out of its 33 ministers were among those detained at Guantanamo Bay, 14 are under the United Nations’ sanctions list, while one carries a reward of $10 million. In recent history, no government formation has attracted so much international scrutiny as the Taliban’s.

It is hardly a government. It rather looks like a gathering of leaders of armed militias sharing the spoils of victory against US occupation with no regard for country or its hapless citizens.

The Taliban have discarded the concerns of the international community regarding inclusive government and human rights, including that of women.

The all-male cabinet is dominated by Pashtuns (40% population), ignoring the country’s diversity. No Hazara Shias have been included. The representation of Tajiks and Uzbeks is also symbolic. Those opposing the government are being brutally suppressed.

For the United States, its cup of woes is overflowing.

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