Su-30SM2 Super Sukhoi fighter appeared in the sky for the first time

By Defence View

A prototype of the modernized Su-30SM fighter jet with the designation Su-30SM2 Super Sukhoi was seen flying over Over Omsk. The multi-role fighter still carries the yellow paint of the experimental aircraft, but according to the analysts, the identification marks on its fuselage show that this is the prototype of the modernized Su-30SM fighter.

Previously, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced its intention to large scale modernization of the Su-30SM heavy multi-role fighter fleet, although specific information about the aforementioned ambitious program has not yet appeared.

Given the fact that an upgraded version of the Su-30SM has already entered service, analysts believe that mass production of this fighter could begin next year.

While taking into account the previous statements of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the upgraded version of the Su 30SM2 Super Sukhoi can be tested in Syria, where Russian weapons often undergo final evaluation before enlistment.

Going back to the past, according to many experts, although the Su-30SM is still considered one of the best fighter aircraft in the world, possessing many impressive features, it is undeniable that this fighter gradually becomes obsolete.

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