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Satellite image shows Chinese and American aircraft carriers are 480 nautical miles apart

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Latest Satellite images published by Chinese media on September 14 show, an aircraft carrier strike group headed by the “Shandong” appeared off the southeastern part of Vietnam, while the US Navy’s “Carl Vinson” aircraft carrier was located In the Natuna waters, the distance between the two aircraft carriers is only 480 nautical miles (approximately equivalent to 890 kilometers).

The “Carl Vinson” aircraft carrier crossed the Bashi Channel on September 5 and began to perform missions in the waters surrounding the South China Sea. It was accompanied by a “Ticonderoga”-class guided-missile cruiser and six “Arleigh Burke”-class Destroyer. The “Carl Vinson” aircraft carrier entered the attack range of the “Shandong” carrier aircraft on September 11, and the two aircraft carrier fleets also mastered each other with the help of satellites and reconnaissance aircraft. Although in times of peace, two aircraft carrier fleet will not engage, but if you assume US aircraft carrier strike froup can easily sink the Chinese aircraft carrier group but can Chinese Shandong do the same against the US.

The Shandong aircraft carrier does not compare to any western carrier and does not even come close to the capability of a 1967 designed Nimitz class. It is a little more than half the weight and has much more limited facilities despite its technological edge over this 50 year old carrier (that has been updated extensively.) The Shandong is actually a Russian Kuznetsov class which is a 30 year old design but has been further modernized.

The new chinese carrier is not the biggest fish in the sea. It is a little bit bigger than the INS Vikramadithya but way inferior to the US supercarriers. Both in size and capabilities

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