Restarting international flights right now impractical: IndiGO CEO Ronojoy Dutta

By Livemint

Resuming international flights right now would be impractical, stated IndiGo CEO Ronojoy Dutta. The way forward would be to gradually increasing the number of air bubble flights with various countries, he added.

The IndiGo chief executive asserted it is not up to India to unilaterally open up scheduled international flights and the other countries have to agree.

“There are, of course, health concerns, which I won’t minimise in any way. Different countries are on different points of managing COVID-19. Then all these testing issues are sort of confusing the passengers,” he told PTI.

Dutta stated he doesn’t think it is practical to open up and go for scheduled international services in one big bang.

“But I think this process of let’s have more and more bubble flights and increasing it slowly is a good graduated way of opening up. We did it domestically also, right? We started from 33 per cent, went to 50 and then further. So, a graduated approach is a good approach,” he said.

India had suspended scheduled international passenger flights on March 23, 2020, due to the coronavirus pandemic. However, special flights have been operating since July last year under bilateral “air bubble” arrangements between India and approximately 28 countries.

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