Pakistan monkey off their backs, India-US ties are poised for a new beginning

By Hindustan times

When Prime Minister Narendra Modi meets US President Joe Biden at White House later this month, both the countries will have shed the monkey called Pakistan off their backs as American direct engagement with Af-Pak region has ended since erstwhile Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan in the winter of 1979.

In the past four decades, the India-US bilateral relationship was bedeviled with American engagement in Afghanistan and the equation remained largely hyphenated till US Navy Seals gunned down Al Qaeda chief Osama bin Laden near Pakistan Army cantonment in Abbottabad in May 2011.

In the interregnum, the American plan for India was largely dictated by their commitments in Af-Pak region as Washington needed Rawalpindi to first fight off the Soviet Union during the Cold war days and then the Al Qaeda and the Taliban post 9/11 attack. The India-US bilateral relationship was looked at by Washington planners through this prism and hence tactical adjustments were made in favour of Rawalpindi GHQ.

Even after the brutal attacks by Pakistani terrorist groups on Indian Parliament in December 2001 and on the Indian Army camp at Kaluchak in Jammu and Kashmir in May 2002

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