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MiG-31 seen with mysterious missile, more powerful than Kinzhal?

By Defence View

The Russian Aerospace Forces’ MiG-31 Foxhound long-range interceptor was recently seen carrying a very fancy missile, never seen before. Based on images from the first test, there are many predictions that this is an anti-satellite missile recovered by Russia from the Soviet-era 79M6 missile of the Ishim program.

Unfortunately, due to financial difficulties, the project to build an anti-satellite weapon Ishim with the 79M6 missile was canceled before entering the initial testing phase, even though the Soviet Union then switched converted two MiG-31Ds as launchers.

However, in 2009, General Alexander Nikolayevich Zelin – Commander of the Russian Air Force confirmed that they were reviving a new space weapons program based on the 79M6 missile on the MiG-31D interceptor fighter platform.

Some unnamed sources even said that, in the period 2009-2010, the Russian military allocated funds for the program and the project may have been secretly restarted in 2012 and the finished product is the result. The mysterious rocket mentioned above.

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