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Launch pads in Pakistan hum with activities, Intel agencies sound alert

By India TV News

Soon after the complete takeover of Afghanistan by the Taliban, the intelligence agencies have sounded alerts that Pakistan based terror outfits are humming with activities at the launch pads near the border.

“There has been indication that Pakistan based terror outfits like Lashkar-e Taiba, and Jaishe-e Mohammad have stepped up their efforts to push ultras into Jammu and Kashmir soon after the Taliban took over Afghanistan”, a source in the security set up said.

According to him, the launch pads in Pakistan have been humming with activities near the border indicating an increase in planning for infiltration. These launch pads were abandoned after a ceasefire was announced in February this year.

As per the input, around 300 terrorists have again occupied the camps across the Line of Control. “We are also on alert and are prepared,” the officials of the security forces said.

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