Kozhikode crash report: No lessons learned from previous incident, say experts

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While the main reason for the plane crash in Kozhikode airport was non-adherence to standard operating procedure (SOP) by the pilot, other contributory factors are also responsible for the crash. Moreover, lessons were not learnt from previous plane crashes.

The crash of Air India Express Flight 1344 on August 7, 2020, left 21 people dead including both of its pilots. After flying from Dubai, the pilot was trying to land the Boeing 737-800 at the Calicut International Airport amid rain. The plane overshot the runway and broke into pieces after falling off the cliff the runway was perched on. There were 190 people on board.

Aviation experts noted that after the Mangalore airport crash of 2010, a similar tragedy was waiting to happen at Kerala’s Kozhikode airport, which also had a tabletop runway with no overshoot area, making the airfield highly
Though the DGCA has claimed to have implemented the recommendations from the report of the Mangalore crash, the investigation team said that in “various instances the recommendations have not been addressed effectively”.

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