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Indian Army has stopped Kashmir from becoming Taliban’s Afghanistan: MP Bob Blackman to UK Parliament

By Times Now

British Parliamentarian Bob Blackman on Thursday said that it is because of the Indian military that the region of Jammu and Kashmir has not resembled Taliban-occupied Afghanistan as yet. Speaking in the UK House of Commons, in response to a debate on the human rights situation in J&K, Blackman said Islamist forces would eliminate democracy from Kashmir if India were to withdraw its troops from the region.

The debate proposal was given by Parliamentarian Debbie Abrahams and Pakistan-origin MP Yasmin Qureshi.

In his response, Blackman noted that Kashmir has been “tainted” by multiple terrorist attacks, killings and forced conversions by radical Islamist terrorists.

“We should remember that while Kashmir Valley may be probably Muslim (dominated), Jammu is predominantly Hindu and Ladakh predominantly Buddhist. And the fact is, historically persecuted religious minorities of Hindus, Sikhs, Christians, women and children have unfortunately suffered in the Valley,” the MP said.

He pointed out that it was because of the Indian Army that Kashmir had not become another Afghanistan.

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