India objects to language used in UK MPs’ debate on ‘human rights in Kashmir’

By Hindustan Times

India has strongly objected to the language used by parliamentarians in the United Kingdom during an all-party debate on the issue of ‘human rights in Kashmir’.

Stating that any assertion made in any forum on a subject related to an integral part of the country needed to be substantiated with authentic facts, Indian government was particularly dismayed by the some of the language used by the MPs in the Backbench Debate in the House of Commons.

A minister from the Indian High Commission in London slammed the words used against Prime Minister Narendra Modi and reiterated Kashmir’s status as an integral part of India.

“It is with sadness that the High Commission of India notes that an august institution of a fellow democracy has been misused today to level abuse against the elected leader of the largest practising democracy in the world,” the minister said, while referring to remarks of Pakistani-origin Labour MP Naz Shah on the 2002 Gujarat riots.

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