India ‘looking At Creating Rocket Force’: Chief Of Defence General Bipin Rawat

By Indian Defence News

India is looking at “creating a rocket force”, Chief of Defence Staff General Bipin Rawat said on Wednesday even as he underlined the need for extensive use of niche technology to combat various national security challenges, including possible aggression by China.

In an address at an event, Gen Rawat described Pakistan as a “proxy” of China, noting that Islamabad will continue its “proxy war” against India in Jammu and Kashmir and that it is now attempting to create trouble in Punjab and some other parts of the country.

“As far as our northern adversary is concerned, since we have unsettled borders with them and they have shown aggression on the east coast, on the South China Sea with nations in that area, are they (China) likely to show aggression on our northern borders?” Gen Rawat said.

“Whether it happens in the form of direct aggression or through use of technology, we have to be prepared. This preparation can only happen if we work together,” the Chief of Defence Staff said.

Referring to measures initiated to bolster India’s air power, he said, “We are looking at creating a rocket force”. Gen Rawat, however, did not elaborate on the plan.

On the situation in Afghanistan, Gen Rawat said nobody ever thought the Taliban will take over the country “so fast”.

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