India cooperated with US troop withdrawal, evacuation from Afghanistan: US spokesperson

By National Herald India

The US Defence Department has revealed that India cooperated with the US in the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan and the evacuation of its citizens and others after the Taliban took over the country on August 15, and has agreed to help those at risk there, according to a US spokesperson.

The disclosure came out in a readout on Tuesday by department spokesperson John Kirby of Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin’s phone conversation with Indian Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

Austin “thanked India for its cooperation throughout the evacuation process and retrograde mission in Afghanistan”, the readout of the Monday phone conversation said.

“Both the leaders committed to continue to monitor the situation in Afghanistan,” Kirby said.

Their conversation came ahead of the Quad summit convened by US President Joe Biden with Prime Ministers Narendra Modi of India, Yoshihide Suga of Japan and Scott Morrison of Australia on Friday.

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