Hypersonic Missiles: Who is leading in this new arms race?

By Defence View

In the race to develop hypersonic missiles, when the US lags behind, Russia leaps ahead with multiple hypersonic missiles which can be launched from aircraft and ships, while China has DF-17 hypersonic missile, but as usual Chinese missiles are not battle proven, even there is not a single video of DF-17 trial. Whatever To answer China’s development India test its own HSTDV (Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle0 in 2019.

The hypersonic missile is the new popular military weapon among the world’s military powers. With Russia leading the race and posing a significant threat to the US. Thats why Japan has been constantly looking to upgrade its defense systems to counter China and Russia hypersonic missiles.

The Russian military considers that dominance in the airspace and outer space is necessary to successfully conduct combat operations. According to the latest information, Russia and Japan are working on two deadly hypersonic weapons called Kh-95 and HVGP respectively. Interestingly, the US Air Force last month admitted a second consecutive failure, in the flight test of a hypersonic missile called AGM-183A, part of the “Rapid Reaction Weapons (ARRW)” Program.

Previously, Russia had successfully developed and put into combat the Avangard supersonic strategic missile. Now, Russia is continuing to develop a new type of air-launched hypersonic cruise missile called Kh-95.

Similarly, Japan is developing its first supersonic cruise missile, amid growing threats from China’s military modernization. Earlier, China announced that it had successfully tested the Hypersonic missile DF-17, a mobile medium-range ballistic missile (MRBM), designed to launch a hypersonic flying vehicle (HGV) )

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