‘Gurez is absolutely peaceful; no ceasefire violation’: Indian Army says ‘life is normal’ along LoC in Kashmir

By Times Now

The Indian Army on Wednesday said that peace has returned in the villages along the Line of Control ever since the ceasefire pact was established between India and Pakistan in February this year.

“Gurez is absolutely peaceful. With ceasefire pact, the people of the border villages have got long required peace. They are able to carry routine activities without any fear or constraints. Life has become normal here,” Lt General DP Pandey, Commander of the Chinar Corps, said in Bandipora.

Pandey, however, said that there have been some incidents of infiltration attempts, but those were not “adequately supported” by ceasefire violations unlike previous years.

“The ceasefire violations have not increased. This year there has been none (ceasefire violation). At least in the Kashmir Valley, there has been zero,” he said.

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