Chinese missile are useless, easily intercept by Russian Igla-S MANPADS

By Defence View

The Russian military recently released a video showing a Russian soldier firing an Igla-S shoulder-fired missile, also known as MANPADS (Man-Portable Air-Defense Systems), at a Chinese air-to-air missile and intercepting it.

This was a staged event that used a new Russian air defense radars system that could send accurate alerts to numerous air defense systems and this could be used to give a MANPADS operator fire his missile at the right time to intercept another missile.

The Chinese air-to-air missile is a heat seeker with a range of 8 kilometers and is designed for use by helicopters against other helicopters. This type of air-to-air missile is rarely used, but it is fast, with a max flight time of about 12 seconds. The point of the video was that the Chinese QW-2 MANPADS and several Western MANPADS, including the American Stinger, have never done this before.

MANPADS users would shrug because such a situation is unheard of. The Russians were trying to increase export sales for the Igla-S and what better way to do that than stage an event showing the missile doing the seemingly impossible. At the “Clear Sky” competition in China, a Russian anti-aircraft officer was the only one to hit a Chinese TY-300D target missile with a direct hit.

In the live shooting competition, a TY-300D target missile imitating a high-speed air target at an altitude of 1.5 thousand meters was shot down by an Igla-S MANPADS.

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