China’s Ferocious Naval Fighters Should ‘Kill’ US Navy’s F-35s, Super Hornets ‘Pretty Quickly’ In A Dogfight

By Eurasian times

Both the US Navy and PLAN boast uber-sophisticated carrier-based fighter fleets and have been wargaming to gain a competitive edge in the skies over disputed waters. The old but reliable F/A-18-F Super Hornet may potentially see itself pitted against the newer but raw Shenyang J-15, dubbed the Flying Shark.

Super Hornet Vs Flying Shark
The F/A-18 Super Hornet was inducted by the US military in 1999, whereas the J-15 joined the PLA in 2013. The general characteristics of both aircraft are as follows: the F/A-18 is 18.31 meters long and 4.88m tall. It has a maximum takeoff weight of 29,937 kilograms.

The J-15 on the other hand is 21.9m long and 5.92m in height and has an MTOW of 33,00kg.

The Super Hornet can cruise at maximum speeds of 1,915 kmph and has an effective combat range of 722km. The F/A-18’s ferry range is 3,330km and its service ceiling is 50,000 feet. The J-15 in comparison has a max speed of 2,409km/h, a combat range of 1,500km, a ferry range of 3,500 km, and a service ceiling of 66,000ft.

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