Central Asia’s biggest state Kazakhstan to bolster defence capabilities amid Afghan crisis

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President of Kazakhstan (Central Asia’s biggest state) Kassym-Jomart Tokayev has stressed the need for his country to bolster its defence capabilities against the external threats amid the fluid situation in Afghanistan.

“The situation in Afghanistan and the general growth of global tensions has put before us the task of rebooting the military-industrial sector and the Military Doctrine. Strengthening our defence capability and increasing the responsiveness to threats should also become priorities of national importance. We must prepare for external shocks and worst-case scenarios.

Modelling of risks coming from the outside has become highly relevant. It is necessary to conduct stress tests, work out scenarios, on the basis of which the action plans of the state apparatus will be developed and adjusted,” the Kazakh President said at his third address to the nation since he assumed leadership delivered recently.

Even though Kazakhstan and Afghanistan do not share the border, Kazakhstan, a close partner of both India and Russia, is worried about the spillover of the Afghan situation in Central Asia and the Kazakh President appropriately highlighted that in his speech.

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