Aukus Impact: France Pulls Out of Trilateral with India, Oz

By ET News

France has pulled out of India-France-Australia foreign ministers trilateral scheduled in New York on Wednesday to protest AUKUS and the submarine deal by US and UK with Australia.

Formed last year, the three foreign ministers had earlier met to give shape to a trilateral that brought a major European and global power along with two Indo-Pacific powers to counter-balance China. France has been cancelling series of engagements with USA and UK and pulling out of the trilateral was the latest, ET has reliably gathered.

France has been livid over the fact that NATO allies USA & UK kept it in dark over the new alliance and Australia did not inform it in time before entering into a new submarine deal despite the fact the proposed French submarines had involvement Lockheed Martin.

“Rarely have French officials been so acerbic in their statements, toward an ally or a foe. For them, the US under President Joe Biden is still Trumpian, Australia is disloyal and untrustworthy, and the UK so scorned as to not even be worth mentioning,” reported Politico, Europe’s leading media portal. Paris either cancelled or pulled out of other meetings scheduled with US or UK.

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