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Army taps Bengaluru-based firm for specialised sights in use with forces abroad

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The Army has placed orders with an Indian firm for specialised sights under emergency procurement to help some of its elite units operating in both urban warfare and at the borders, ThePrint has learnt.

Sources in the defence and security establishment said the order for two set of sights as part of a spate of emergency procurement being done was placed “recently”.

One contract is for about 600 pieces of multi-functional thermal imaging binoculars for target acquisition and the other is for multi mission-sight, which can be mounted on the helmet and also the weapon. The order was placed with a Bengaluru-based firm — Tonbo Imaging.

Sources also said the contract value is for over Rs 100 crore and the procurement is being done by the Infantry Directorate, adding that while earlier the Northern Command had procured one of these sights for its soldiers in smaller batches, this time the Army Headquarters is doing it.

They also said that there would be a larger procurement order in play if the systems, which have to be delivered in 12 months, perform according to expectations.

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