Anti-drone plan: How India is strengthening its unmanned warfare power

By India Today

The drone attack on the Jammu air force station on June 27 was a rude wake-up call for India to enhance its anti-drone capabilities. The strike was a wake-up call to the lurking danger.

This was a glimpse of future warfare that can cause maximum damage without using much manpower.

The attack was followed by a series of drones being neutralised at the borders. It was time to take a relook at the existing options and enhance measures for combating unmanned warfare.

The security establishment has put in place a plan for this, and without further delays, platforms are being procured to take on the menace of drone attacks.

In a series of orders, the armed forces have given out contracts to Indian companies in line with the self-reliance mantra anti-drone platforms—Counter Unmanned Aircraft Systems (CUAS).

The armed forces have ordered Indian-made anti-drone systems worth over Rs 300 crores in a short span, and more contracts are awaited.

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