Another Chinese made drone shot down by Houthis

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Wing Long II unmanned combat aerial vehicle (UCAV) is seen as the pride of China’s defense industry. However, this weapon was repeatedly shot down by the Houthis in the Middle East.

The UCAV Wing Loong II is hailed by the Chinese media as the most powerful unmanned combat aircraft in the world today. However, in the Middle East battlefield, this UCAV was continuously shot down by the Houthis militants.

On September 14, the Houthis claimed to have shot down another Wing Loong II drone of the Saudi Air Force, over Kitaf district in the northern Yemeni province of Saadah. The claims were provided with a video showing the interception of the UAV.

Taking into account the area, where the drone was shot down, it could be believed to be operated by the RSAF.

United Arab Emirates Air Force using armed UCAVs to attack Houthi targets in the Yemen battlefield have not yielded much. The Houthis have shot down a total of five Saudi UCAVs in Yemen over the past five years. The most recent was a Wing Loong II shot down in an area along the Yemen border on May 20.

Although it has a very respectable attack ability, the weakness of this Chinese UCAV lies in its relatively poor defense. So they were shot down even with conventional weapons.

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