Al-Qaeda continues to operate out of Taliban-led Afghanistan: Reports

By Zeenews

Since Taliban tookover Afghanistan it has publicly stated that they have completely disassociated themselves from Al-Qaeda, but the ground reality tells a different picture with sightings of “foreigners” in Taliban ranks, i.e non-Afghan fighters.

The Al-Qaeda has praised the Doha agreement calling it a great victory and celebrated the US withdrawal and the fall of Kabul.

In addition to Al-Qaeda, the ISIS-K (ISIS’s Afghanistan affiliate) also remains a potent threat. The ISIS has always found it hard to find a major foothold in Afghanistan and with Taliban’s take over of the country and its indirect benefit to Al-Qaeda, there might be mounting pressure on ISIS-K to prove its relevance, which may force them to be more violent and destructive.

The deadly Kabul airport attack on August 26 clearly proves this. The bomb attack which took place soon after the Taliban takeover was just another reminder that even with the end of the civil war between the Afghan Security Forces and the Taliban, Afghanistan remains a fertile territory for jihadi terrorism.

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