Taliban unwilling to talk to India unless Govt remains neutral in Afghan conflict

By Times Now

Afghanistan has seen a fresh spell of violence erupt in the last few days, in the aftermath of the withdrawal of US-NATO troops from the country. Intense fighting has been reported from most parts of the country between the Afghan security forces and the Taliban fighters.

Amid all the action in Afghanistan, the Taliban leadership has already begun reaching out to other countries for assistance in various sectors. Times Now spoke exclusively to Taliban Spokesperson and Member of Negotiations Team, Suhail Shaheen, over the ongoing situation in Afghanistan and the chances of potential talks between the Taliban leadership and the Indian government officials.

Hinting at an unwillingness to engage in talks with India, ‘under current circumstances’, Shaheen said that India should not take sides in the Afghan conflict.

“Indian government should remain impartial in the fighting which is ongoing in Afghanistan. They should not provide weapons to the Kabul administration. We are the people of Afghanistan and they are using these weapons against us. There are a lot of civilian casualties because of the bombardment and airstrikes and drone attacks,” he said.

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