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Pakistan engineered Taliban return, say US expert

Pakistan is as soon as once more beneath American scrutiny after engineering the return of Taliban to energy in Afghanistan, with US analysts predicting that Islamabad’s “already shaky reputation in the West is likely to plummet” and its relations with Washington, “already on the downslope, will unravel further.”

US analysts are pinning the duty of Taliban’s return to energy in Afghanistan on Pakistan, saying its spy company ISI supplied planning help, coaching experience and typically on the bottom recommendation to the Taliban all via the struggle main up to its seize of Kabul.

They cite tribal leaders within the AfPak area to allege that within the final three months because the Taliban swept throughout Afghanistan, the Pakistani army waved a surge of new fighters throughout the border from sanctuaries inside Pakistan.
“The Afghan Taliban wouldn’t be the place they’re with out the help of the Pakistanis,” Douglas London, a former C.I.A. counterterrorism chief for South and Southwest Asia, instructed the New York Times, which ran a prolonged critique on Thursday of Pakistan’s subversive and position in Afghanistan and duplicitous coping with Washington.

According to London, Pakistan’s army chief, Qamar Javed Bajwa, and the top of the ISI, Hameed Faiz, met with Afghan Taliban chief Khalil Haqqani on a “recurring basis.” When Bajwa was pressed by the US to surrender Khalil Haqqani and two different Haqqani leaders, he would say, ‘Tell us where they are.’” London mentioned, including, “My favorite quote was when Bajwa said: ‘You just have to come to my office and we will go in a helicopter and we will go and pick them up.’”

Pakistan’s assist, London mentioned, encompassed a gamut of providers: protected havens for Taliban within the borderlands of Pakistan, medical providers to handled wounded fighters, and free rein for the Haqqanis to run profitable actual property, smuggling and different companies in Pakistan stored their struggle machine churning. The ISI often stored its operatives out of the precise battle, fearful that they could be captured in Afghanistan, delivering a smoking gun to the Americans, he added.

The report underscored the truth that Pakistan’s duplicitous position in Afghanistan is pushed by its animosity in direction of India. “The Pakistani army believes Afghanistan provides strategic depth against India, which is their obsession. The US encouraged India to support the American-backed Afghan government after 2001, fueling the army’s paranoia,” Bruce Riedel, a former South Asia adviser to the Bush and Obama administrations, instructed the paper.

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