Israel ruined the reputation of Russian air defense systems, and it’s hurting sales

By Israel Defense

This week there were reports based on the Russian media that Russia thwarted a number of Israeli attacks in Syria. The Russians have yet to provide proof. Pictures of remnants of Israeli munitions, allegedly in Syria, are occasionally posted online. It appears plausible that the Russian systems are partially effective and can intercept some of the munitions made in Israel.

But not all of them. Considering the results, it doesn’t help the Kremlin. The systems that interfere with the IDF in Syria are destroyed. In one case, Israel even sent a strong hint to Russia by releasing footage of munitions destroying a Russian “Pantsir” system.

Money, money, and once again money

One of the questions regarding the uproar by the Russians online regarding Israeli attacks in Syria is why they are doing it now. Israel has been operating freely in Syria for years. So why are the Russians saying now that it bothers them? Well, apparently not because of the Iranians, the Syrians or any militia that the IDF is operating against in Syria.

The Russians are thinking about the Russians. The Kremlin is using diplomatic means with Jerusalem, or the liaison between the IDF and the Russian Army, to balance Israel, Iran and Syria on Syrian territory. They don’t turn to the media for this purpose. The reason that the Russians turned to the media, and praised their air defense systems, is arms sales.

The Russian defense industry is a source of foreign currency for the Russian government, and air defense systems are a main part of this equation.

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