‘Important that India obtained UNSC presidency’: Uzbekistan Ambassador

By Times Now

Uzbekistan on Sunday extended its support to India’s presidency of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and highlighted its importance in counter-terrorism and resolving Afghanistan issues.

After India assumed the UNSC presidency, Uzbekistan’s Ambassador to India, Dilshod Akhatov asserted that India is one of the biggest members of the UN and plays an important role.

India’s permanent membership for the next two years is an important event. Uzbekistan supports Indian candidacy to obtain a permanent membership in the council, he added.

He went on to highlight that India has been working on terrorism and Afghanistan issues, and for India and Uzbekistan, these are important issues. “That’s why it’s important that India obtains the Presidency of UNSC for August month,” he said.

The Ambassador stressed that the prospect for stable and sustainable development in Central Asia is directly linked with peace in neighbouring Afghanistan, where the situation remains “grim”.

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