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Why Chinese ‘Hunter-Killer’ Tanks Present Big Challenge To QUAD Allies India & The US

China’s ZTZ-99A is an advanced hunter-killer tank that may pose a threat to its adversaries.

The ZTZ-99A, also known as Type 99A, is one of China’s latest main battle tanks (MBT), with better firepower capabilities and anti-tank missiles.

Meanwhile, India and the US operate the third-generation Russian-made T-90 and M1 Abrams, among others as their main battle tanks, respectively.

China’s ZTZ-99A
China’s indigenous battle tank program dates back to the 1980s and the ZTZ-99 is China’s third-generation main battle tank that was commissioned into the service in 2001.

One of the most advanced battle tanks, Type 99 is a product of the military modernization of China’s People’s Liberation Army (PLA).

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