What’s new in Russia’s newest aerial killer K-77M/ Product 180?

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The K-77M/ Product 180 missile appeared in a short video during MAKS 2021; however, it is not possible to know the internal structure of the rocket. This air show, can be considered the first appearance of the K-77M/ Product 180.

The K-77M/ Product 180 is not essentially a completely new development missile, but an improved version of the R-77 medium-range air-to-air missile. The starting point of the K-77M / Product 180 is a standard medium-range air-to-air missile, built to fit the internal weapons bay of the Su-57 fighter. The major changes of the K-77M / Product 180 missile compared to the most directly visible R-77 rocket, were the replacement of the grille-shaped tail, with a larger, conventional tail of the missile. R-77.

Technically, in addition to changes to the tail, known improvements to the missile include the use of a dual-pulse solid rocket engine; a new radar detector and new calibration data link, which can calibrate the missile’s guidance system faster and more accurately than the inertial guidance system.

A special feature of the K-77M/ Product 180 missile is the missile’s two-way data link system with the aircraft after launch; more powerful power source mounted on the rocket, can operate continuously for 150 seconds.As for the schedule, as a support project for the Su-57, the production of its experimental missile should have started very soon. Currently, two timelines are relatively certain that is the contract to purchase K-77M / Product 180 missiles was signed in 2019, synchronized with the purchase of Su-57.

In the summary of the development unit of the K-77M / Product 180 missile, it is said that the K-77M / Product 180 will complete the factory acceptance test in 2020.

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