Upset China gives lecture on democracy to India, US

By Hindustan Times

A seemingly upset spokesperson of the Chinese foreign ministry on Wednesday gave a lesson on democracy to India and the US, the largest and oldest democracies no less, after it appeared that the two had ganged up against authoritarian China.

All because the US secretary of state, Antony Blinken, visiting India at present, talked about a rising global threat to democracies and that the two leading ones should stand together to support the threatened ideals.

A Bloomberg question on whether the Blinken statement pointed a finger at the Middle Kingdom during the Chinese foreign ministry briefing on Wednesday triggered a passionate discourse on democracy from spokesperson, Zhao Lijian.

“I want to stress that democracy is a common value of humanity. It is not a patent to any country. The way to realise democracy is diverse without a certain pattern or only one answer. A multiparty political structure is not the only form of democracy and democracy cannot be used to stoke confrontation,” Zhao said.

The reference to the US went like this: “Some countries claim themselves to be democratic, but they face the problems of racial discrimination, political polarisation, among other issues.”

“Is this the kind of democracy that they pride on?”

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