This small submarine defeated the US aircraft carrier fleet in 2005

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The powerful escort fleet of the aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan failed to detect the small Swedish diesel-electric submarine during the simulated attack. This stunned the US and NATO.

In 2005, the newly built US$6.2 billion aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan and its escorts took part in a simulated defense exercise, rivaling the Gotland-class light submarine HSMS Gotland. leased from Sweden to the United States for one year.

This light submarine quietly bypassed the many layers of dense protection of the American escort and repeatedly fired mock torpedoes at the USS Ronald Reagan aircraft carrier. After “sinking” the enemy ship, the submarine HSMS Gotland left when the American fleet had not yet realized its presence.

The US Navy held many such exercises with the Gotland submarine in its first year, but each time its destroyers and nuclear attack submarines succumbed to the small submarine with a displacement of only 1,380 tons of Sweden.

Impressed with the ability to bypass the anti-submarine defense system equipped with many modern sensors from the escort squadron USS Ronald Reagan of the submarine HSMS Gotland, the US Navy decided to lease this ship for another year to find out. its tactical technical features.

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